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Our experience at the Mobile World Congress 2024

Attending the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is always an exciting experience, and the 2024 edition was no exception. As part of the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) event, 3Dthinks had a significant presence, particularly in the Barcelona Health Hub area. Here are some highlights and insights from our experience at the MWC 2024:


Engagement with the Barcelona Health Hub:

Being part of the Barcelona Health Hub (BHH) within 4YFN provided us with an excellent opportunity to network with other startups, experts, and investors focused on leveraging technology for social impact in the healthcare sector. The environment fostered collaboration and innovation, allowing us to showcase our solutions and learn from others in the field!

Showcasing 3Dthinks Innovations:

Throughout the event, we were able to demonstrate our latest innovations and solutions aimed at revolutionizing accessibility, mainly our TalX app. We were able to connect with people who were interested in the messaging application solution for a variety of reasons, from purchasing it to communicate better with their loved ones to proposing new partnership opportunities. By presenting our product in two different speeches at the CaixaBank stand, we were able to increase our outreach and we are very thankful for such an opportunity!

Attending MWC was a transformative experience for me. I felt honoured to be able to discover the latest technological innovations in the mobile sector, and also to feel part of such progress in innovation and technology by being there representing 3Dthinks and presenting TalX to the connections made while in the congress. 

– Isabel Dias, Software Developer Intern Spring of 2024

Insights from Keynote Speakers and Panels:

MWC always features a lineup of industry experts, thought leaders and innovators sharing their insights and visions for the future of technology. Attending keynote speeches and panel discussions provided us with valuable perspectives on emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in the mobile and healthcare industries, helping us shape our strategies moving forward. We certainly left them feeling extremely inspired and driven to rethink approaches.

Networking and Partnerships:

One of the most valuable aspects of attending MWC is the opportunity to network and forge partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals from all over the world. Whether it was connecting with potential collaborators, investors, or customers, the event provided a conducive environment for fostering meaningful relationships that can drive future growth and innovation for 3Dthinks.

Inspiration for Future Initiatives:

Immersing ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of MWC and 4YFN sparked inspiration for future initiatives and projects. From discussions with fellow entrepreneurs to witnessing cutting-edge technologies in action, the event fueled our passion for driving positive change in healthcare through innovative solutions.

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