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Find us at Norrsken BCN

3dthinks now has a new home! Since February of 2024, 3dthinks expanded their workspace to another area of Barcelona by joining Norrsken, a co-working space for startups focused on social impact, but that strives to be way more than just a place where members gather to work.

Norrsken is a non-profit impact ecosystem connecting founders with the capital, knowledge, and network they need to make saving the world their business.

Norrsken official website

Having opened its headquarters in Barcelona recently on October 30 2023, Norrsken consists of an impact ecosystem where entrepreneurs can find the knowledge, network, and capital they need to make saving the world their business. They have built the largest impact hubs in the world, having offices in Stockholm and Kigali, and now in Barcelona, Europe’s largest impact hub.

It is an honor to work in an environment where we are constantly surrounded by inspiring people and inspiring ideas. Aiming to make the most out of the experience, the team of 3dthinks always engages in unexpected conversations with people from all over the world and from multiple startups that also work at Norrsken, and also take part in the events offered by the network and by the impact hub.

Counting over 1000 people in the ecosystem eager to support the community, more than 750 members, impact startups, and ecosystem companies, and weekly events that connect and transform, Norrsken is an environment where impact and profit go hand-in-hand. It is incredible to be part of a community that strives to facilitate connections to bring attention to solutions in social impact so that powerful ideas have the power to promote change in the world.

A big advantage to us at 3dthinks is that Norrsken is a pet-friendly community! We can have meetings where we welcome our lovely member Colbi into the community as well!

We hope that through this post you were able to get a taste of the experience of working at Norrsken! We are one message away from connecting and chatting further about this experience and others, and we look forward to connecting with more social impact enthusiasts like ourselves!

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